TARGET2-Securities, more commonly known as T2S, is a single, pan-European platform for securities settlement in central bank money.


A group of Central European stock markets that CTS communicates with. The group comprises stock markets in Prague, Vienna, Budapest and Ljubljana.


​CTS offers Direct and Indirect connections to this stock market. The Direct connection is suitable for large traders and volumes requiring optimum performance. The Indirect connection is suitable for smaller traders requiring high performance for a reasonable price.


We have an automatic interface with the XETRA trading system. This does not involve CEE Trader, but an autonomous interface and an all-inclusive logic for the processing of transactions in our system.



We have a connection to the central depository, which makes CTS a comprehensive back-office solution.

CTS covers the entire Slovak market thanks to the connection to the Bratislava Stock Exchange.

​We communicate with foreign brokers via the FIX interface.

A communication standard used mainly in the spheres of settlement and custody.

The main technology partner. We use its solutions, especially .NET Framework and MS SQL database, to develop our product.