​The installation of the system for the needs of custodians supports a comprehensive agenda of settlement and client-position tasks. Nominee access and position keeping to the client’s end account is supported.

Settlement Instructions

The system deals with settlement instructions received in local registers such as the Central Securities Depository and foreign custodians. In the sphere of transaction settlements communication with clients and custodians is supported by means of the SWIFT protocol. Settlement confirmation can be sent automatically by e-mail.

Position Keeping

Monitoring the position of securities requires other tasks that are automated by the system: market position valuation, the despatch of balances and changes to clients, and reconciliation with records in registers or with custodians. Communication is supported by the SWIFT protocol or by e-mail.

Corporate Actions

Monitoring the position of securities also means reacting to events provoked by issuers. The system covers most common situations in this sphere:

  • collection of revenues (dividends, coupons), including reinvested
  • mergers or spin-offs of different dimensions
  • withholding tax refund
  • notification event

It is possible to communicate with clients regarding the course of a corporate action by e-mail or SWIFT and with custodians by SWIFT.


The system supports the realisation of commissions for services provided in various structures and situations:

  • for settlement (cleared and cancelled)
  • a safekeeping fee (for end-of-term value and the average value of a portfolio)
  • for corporate actions
  • miscellaneous.



The system allows for all the operations outlined above to be accounted for in accordance with the accounting methodology set up, including automatic corrections during reconciliation. The accounting methodology is in accordance with Czech and international accounting standards.