What is it?

The application answers the needs of asset management companies administering collective investment funds. With modifications the system can be used to manage pension funds. The first part of the agenda comprises the management of shareholders, which includes:

  • the acceptance of instructions for purchase in the form of a sum invested, and for selling by the number of shares 
    simple or chain instructions (share exchanges and fund switches), regular investments
  • the generation or validation of instructions on the basis of payments received
  • payment management during buy-back

The next part of the agenda is concerned with the management of a fund portfolio, i.e. the investment of resources deposited by shareholders in assets with a structure defined in the statute. Portfolio management mainly involves the following:

  • transactions with securities, derivatives, real estate and other assets defined in the statute
  • transaction settlements
  • monitoring cash flow with regard for the inflow/outflow of investments to/from shareholders
  • daily market valuation of portfolio
  • statutory and internal audits of investment limits and structure
  • calculation of management and depositary fee
  • calculation of net assets value per mutual fund certificate
  • accounts management of transactions undertaken on financial markets, realised and unrealised P/L and other relevant changes in a fund portfolio. 

For Whom?
The solution is suitable for investment companies that manage the assets within the collective investment funds, as well as for asset managers of pension funds.